My next submission for the Emotography Showcase is V for vivacious.




Macro Moments Week 12

I had no idea the little critter I could see on my camera screen was actually a wasp. You can judge its size from the aphids nearby. I suspect it is an Ichneumon Wasp, they lay eggs inside the aphids.

Aphids and a wasp

Captured on my Panasonic Lumix, DMC-TZ60, macro setting.

Wildlife Visitors in September 2016

Although it was cold, wet and miserable these animals visited our place during September, you can visit other bloggers who contribute to Wildlife Wednesdays here.

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I was forced into a quest this morning, it was suddenly very important to have a Guardsman’s jacket. With my sewing machine in for repair I certainly wasn’t going to start from scratch. Thank goodness for the local Salvation Army shop, our quest for a long sleeved, red shirt was successful. The quest for gold buttons was simple, I just needed to go to my button jar.