Basham Beach

I haven’t posted here for a while but after a visit to Basham Beach I was inspired. The weather has been beautiful recently so we decided to take the drive to Basham, only about an hour from home in Adelaide. It was perfect for wandering along the beach discovering what the water had left on the sand.

Basham Beach
Seaweed Stacks

There were so many things to see along the beach all left behind when the tide went out.

Seagrass balls by the hundreds.



Bits and pieces,


Lately we’ve had a lovely new visitor to our backyard which inspired me to post some images.

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Macro Mondays 9

I decided today I’d look only at flower stamens and stigma, there is certainly a wide range of shapes and sizes.

You can see an image full sized by clicking on it.

Floral Friday – 5

It’s raining today, not heavily but consistently, hence the watery photos.

I was curious about the lack of droplets hanging from the Lavender flowers maybe it’s because of their oil.

Wildlife Wednesdays -8

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Wildlife Wednesdays 6

We heard a Koala calling last night but couldn’t see one anywhere this morning then late this afternoon I spotted one and it posed for me.

Sitting here writing this post I heard Rosellas squabbling so had to investigate.

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