Spiders’ Tryst or Banquet?

I mark the water level in our rainwater tank with a metal frog. Today I went to move it down and a big Hunstman ran off along the tank. Despite the fact big, creepy spiders give me the heebie jeebies I had to get my camera and try for some photos. I was astonished when I went back again to move the marker into its proper position I could see what appeared to be a leg poking out of the top. Once again the need to get a photo over-rode my heebie jeebies and I was eventually able to move the marker enough for a second Hunstman to take off. At first I thought they must have been in a cosy little tryst behind the marker but now that I’ve seen the second spider clearly I’m not so sure.

I’ve added a photo of the marker indicating size, unfortunately there is nothing to show the size of the limb-deprived one but it was a little smaller than the first.

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Still Tormented

My toys have been abandoned for several days but over the last couple I’ve been clearing off my laptop prior to donating it. Now that everything has gone from it I have to use the Tablet or the PC so I’m back trying to find my way around the Tablet. Inevitably that means a trip to the PC to download information and watch videos.

I bought a storedrive and put some family photos on that I wanted to use with my contacts, later I’ll have it as an extra place for photos if I fill the SD card. I couldn’t get the photos off the USB storedrive, I could see them there but I couldn’t get them into my contacts and I wanted them neatly in a folder anyway. It’s taken all day but I’ve finally managed  it by trial and error. There is a whole lot of information online about transferring to a Storedrive and to a PC but not what I wanted.

This is what I finally did. (I had a folder already in place on my SD card, unfortunately named “Photos Trial” and since it worked I haven’t been able to remove”trial” so I guess it is still a bit of a trial! Inside “Photo Trial” I have a subfolder “Family”.

I started at the Toolbox (the little round button on the screen with 3 vertical dots inside it), I have the My Files folder as 1 of the 5 apps or features in the Toolbox. You can set that up by going to the Settings, Device, Toolbox. There is an excellent YouTube video demonstrating that as 1 of 40 Tips and Tricks.

My Files







send to


Send to



SD Card

Photos Trial


Move here



Offline Photo Editing App

Another day has passed and I still haven’t managed to get a photo editing app loaded. I need something I can use offline and I need to resize photos. I thought I’d found what I needed with Cymera but it loaded sideways and I couldn’t reorient it. It looked as though it was intended for a phone rather than a Tablet but I’m so new to this I could have missed some very simple step. I have a keyboard cover for my Tablet so I can’t just turn that sideways.

One thing I’ve noticed with Tablet apps, you have to agree to all sorts of info being accessible to the suppliers something I don’t usually allow but it seems that I won’t have any apps if I don’t.

I’ve decided on PhotoEditor but there are so many with the same name I don’t know how to make clear which one it is. It’s fine for my purposes ….. I think.

Fire Extinguisher Letter Box


This is another local, I’m sure I’ve seen it many times but never stopped to take a photo, I was inspired to stop by The Amazing Mailbox Quest. Some people show great imagination and flair with a feature normally overlooked at homes.

Less Tormented

I’m now having some success with my new toys. I think it was a mistake though to get the two new things at the same time because although I thought I knew the camera since it was just a newer model than the one I had it is actually quite different. Menu settings and options are new to me. The Tablet is totally alien but today I am managing to write this post on the Tablet using the Worpress App.

Now I just have to find out how to save this and/or post it! ………. back button!

Technology Torments!

The last time we travelled I carried a laptop so I could update my blog and download photos from my camera. Although it wasn’t a big laptop the weight and size made it a pain so I’ve made the move to a Galaxy Tab S 10.5, it’s much lighter even with a keyboard and case. I’ve also had to buy a new camera because the other one simply refuses to open and nothing I did would fix it. I should be excitedly playing with my new toys but I’m not.

When we travel we frequently  have no access to a WiFi network so I need to be able to download my photos another way. For days I’ve been trying to connect my Panasonic Lumix TZ60 without any satisfaction. I thought I could use Bluetooth but it seems the camera doesn’t have that, I haven’t been able to connect the 2 devices by WiFi Direct even though it says it can be done without a WiFi network.

I’ve tried connecting using a USB cable, that’s easy when connecting to my PC but I haven’t managed it yet with the tablet. I’ve been asked for codes I don’t understand and typed in a password using a screen devised by someone who never, ever intended using it. Still it doesn’t work so instead of smashing things I’m taking ANOTHER break.

I‘m sure if you’re reading this you’re wondering why I don’t just go to the shop where I bought them and ask for help. I bought it online! I did go to a local shop all set to buy but they had none in stock (camera or Tablet) and couldn’t tell me exactly when they’d be in. They wouldn’t be getting the colours I wanted so after some thought I ordered the colours I wanted online last Monday and they were delivered on Friday. When I went into the shop on Friday for an SD card the items still hadn’t come in and they had no definite date.

Sorry I couldn't find a link to the artist.
Sorry I couldn’t find a link to the artist.

If anyone out there in cyberspace has actually managed to do it and can give me some help I’d be very happy.




Because of the numbers showing on another type of scale ie the temperature gauge, I’m not out taking photos, 38 deg. is too hot for me. This week I’m using a photo taken during a recent holiday in Tasmania and it shows the scale of the Tahune Forest Reserve, a superb place. The Airwalk was a wonderful experience.


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