Wildlife Wednesdays -8

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Wildlife Wednesdays 7

I haven’t had much luck this week capturing photos of what’s been around so I decided to give this week a miss. Until early this evening.

When my husband went up the driveway to our rubbish bins he spotted a little possum lying at the foot of a tree with two Tawny Frogmouths up above, no other possum in sight.

It was rescue time.

Star of the Week, Ringtail Possum

This is the first Ringtail we’ve seen with such dark colouring, its back looked black and it actually had a tawny red tail. The only ones we’ve seen before had white at the end of the tail but the Vet said these are fairly common.

When I left her at the Surgery she was snuggled down inside an employee’s jumper.

Floral Friday 3

Also flowering is a succulent I haven’t been able to identify.

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Social Isolation Side Effects 2

I usually go alone with the dog to walk in Shepherds’ Hill Recreation Park when The Golfer is off doing his thing but this morning he joined me. We started off on a familiar track but then decided to investigate an area some people had obviously walked before. It was beautiful in there.

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We have lived in this area for 35 years and have never walked along this section, see what social distancing is doing to us?

We could see the Adelaide CBD through the gully.

Now that people are being advised to limit their contact with others it seems to me more people are actually seeking to make contact. It’s only the odd person who doesn’t¬† acknowledge a fellow walker. Last week as I was walking down one of the shared cyclist/walkers tracks a total stranger came off the main Fire Track and walked through the scrubby grass etc to ask me if I was self isolating. He didn’t look like someone who regularly walked and social distancing seemed difficult for him, maybe the new regulations are opening up a whole new world.

Social Isolation Side Effects

Fortunately our social isolation isn’t complete, we’re trying to avoid the dreaded virus rather get over it but there are still side effects.

At the moment we’ve been advised that unless there’s some unavoidable¬† need to go out we should stay at home which means we have plenty of time at our disposal.

What that meant for me today was that when the bottom kitchen drawer wouldn’t slide nicely back into place after I’d raided it I had to do something about it. Does this stuff breed?

Where does it all come from?
I had NO IDEA there were so many twisty ties in the drawer and this isn’t even all of them, more went into the bin.


Who would have thought that cleaning out and sorting stuff from a kitchen drawer could take hours?

All neat and tidy

Actually that’s a bit of a cheat….

Have to put the BluTak and stickers on top!

Fergus -8 months

He certainly doesn’t look like a puppy anymore! When we’d be out walking our previous Westie crosses people would ask how old they were imagining that they were pups and they were always shocked to hear that they were actually old ladies. The opposite is the case now, people are stunned to hear that Fergus is only 8 months old.

Although I didn’t want to get him clipped, hoping that grooming him every night would be enough to keep his coat looking reasonable I’ve had to give in so he’s just had his first haircut.

Wildlife Visitors – December 2017

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Creepy, crawly, slimy and scary