Wildlife Visitors – August 2017

It’s been a cold month so most things are hiding away hoping Spring will be here soon.

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Creepy, Crawly, Slimy and Scary


WPC: Corner

I’ve been watching a Blue-Tongue Lizard in our front yard for a while but the weather has been so cold and wet recently I’ve rarely glimpsed it. This morning the sun came out and I thought if I could find the patience to stand, watch and wait I might see it come around the corner of the rock. My patience was rewarded!

WPC: Ooh! Shiny

This week’s topic reminded me immediately of the cat in, “Red Dwarf” as he leapt in delight from one thing to another shrieking, “Oooh shiny thing, shiny thing.”

Nature provides so many, “Ooh shiny thing” moments for me but I’ve chosen a bird because they are what distract me most often.

… but it could have been Ewww shiny thing, slugs distract me too.



WPC: Textures

My challenge this week was in limiting the number of photos I chose to illustrate, “Textures“. Luckily the rain held off and I was able to take them all this morning around my home.

Probably though the texture I find most fascinating is on a Praying Mantis egg case, it looks and feels a bit like polystyrene.

Wildlife Visitors – July 2017

The cold continues so there are not many interesting critters showing up.

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Creepy, Crawly, Slimy and Scary


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