Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

saturatedI’ve always thought Rainbow Lorikeets were “over the top” with their colouring. They seem to know they’re beautiful too and think that gives them the right to push all the other birds around. Here only the Galahs stand up to them. The colours are natural, I haven’t increased the saturation in any way at all.


Weekly Photo Challenge: From lines to patterns.

lines&patternsIf you let your eyes follow the lines from the outside edge they will lead into the central patterns…….. it might also make you cross eyed!

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

POVOther photos showing Gabe nearer the mouth of the pipe clearly showed his face etc but I like this different point of view, with the long tunnel, sun behind him, showing his fingers spread and little boy walk. I also like the textures showing on the inside of the pipe.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Best Intentions



In the spirit of the “Weekly Photo Challenge”, I aim to take a photo when I see the new topic and accompanying suggestions. Because I live in the Southern hemisphere sometimes this isn’t possible eg Spring, Snow or Squirrel wouldn’t work for me but where I can, rather than lift my best archived photo I try to look at the topic through fresh eyes. Because the natural environment particularly interests me I look there first. Sometimes I’m disappointed with what I have to show but I figure that’s just part of accepting a challenge and hope I can do better next time.