Early Bird

I am NOT an “Early Bird”, I love the peace and quiet of evenings/night but there are times when getting up early is worth the effort. When on holiday in Darwin a few years ago I wanted to see the wildlife at Fogg Dam and the best time is early morning so I made the effort. I’m glad I did. The photo was taken just before 7am.


Twosome No.3

Today I came across another couple of Hunstman Spiders in a cuddle, this time in my garden shed. Until this year I’ve never seen them like this however it is apparently part of their mating ritual.

“In the genus Isopoda, the male and female Huntsman spiders have a lengthy courtship, which involves mutual caresses” – See more at: http://australianmuseum.net.au/huntsman-spiders

I’m NOT looking forward to millions of baby spiders around our place!


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