Our Loquat Tree had a wonderful crop of fruit this year so to ensure we actually managed to get some I put nets over the most accessible ones. I did eat some and they were delicious but victory went to the Rainbow Lorikeets, they’ve managed to eat every single one encased in a net!

Unfortunately I haven’t cleaned the bedroom windows recently so the photo taken through them isn’t as clear as I’d like. 😦



The thing about taking shots in nature is that you must accept what’s on offer and today the “ornate” flowers in my garden refused to open. Instead, I’ve taken a shot of a manufactured item and supplemented the post with a photo of a natural offering I took a couple of years ago.

Very ornate pen which doesn't work, why didn't I throw it out?
Very ornate pen which doesn’t work, why didn’t I throw it out?


A thistle emerging.
Thistle flowers emerging.
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