Wildlife Visitors in December 2016

This is the wildlife I’ve seen around our home this month and managed to photograph. You can check out the wildlife which visits or lives at other bloggers’ homes at Wildlife Wednesday.

Passing the cursor over the photo will bring up the caption, clicking on a photo will take you to a slideshow.





Creepy, Crawly, Slippery, Slimy and Scarey


This old, living Gum Tree seems a great example of resilience to me. It’s being crowded by Ash Trees and its exposed roots are clinging to rocks where over the years the ground has been washed away by a creek.

You can check out other interpretations of “resilient” here.




This path leads to the railway station near our home. In 1985 either side of the path was nothing but weeds, stones and baked clay but when a neighbour retired he started planting shrubs and caring for them. I’m sure very few people care or even know what job he did for his entire working life but everyone who walks along the path appreciates the work he’s done here.

Macro Moments: Week 22

This week my “Macro Moment” features a tiny Jumping Spider, just a few millimetres long. It reminds me of Father Christmas with its whiskers and it looks like there is fur on top of a hat. Maybe though I’ve just been driven bonkers by all the Christmas paraphernalia about. 🙂


Taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMZ-TZ60 on Macro setting , cropped in PSE.


At this time of year it’s a struggle, drivers and shoppers are manic. There seems to be no escape from the madness but I’m lucky, I can relax just gazing out from my house.


In just a few weeks though on days when the hot north winds blow and the temperatures are high I’ll try to relax elsewhere!

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