Weekly Photo Challenge: Best Intentions



In the spirit of the “Weekly Photo Challenge”, I aim to take a photo when I see the new topic and accompanying suggestions. Because I live in the Southern hemisphere sometimes this isn’t possible eg Spring, Snow or Squirrel wouldn’t work for me but where I can, rather than lift my best archived photo I try to look at the topic through fresh eyes. Because the natural environment particularly interests me I look there first. Sometimes I’m disappointed with what I have to show but I figure that’s just part of accepting a challenge and hope I can do better next time.

WPC: Ooh! Shiny

This week’s topic reminded me immediately of the cat in, “Red Dwarf” as he leapt in delight from one thing to another shrieking, “Oooh shiny thing, shiny thing.”

Nature provides so many, “Ooh shiny thing” moments for me but I’ve chosen a bird because they are what distract me most often.

… but it could have been Ewww shiny thing, slugs distract me too.



WPC: Textures

My challenge this week was in limiting the number of photos I chose to illustrate, “Textures“. Luckily the rain held off and I was able to take them all this morning around my home.

Probably though the texture I find most fascinating is on a Praying Mantis egg case, it looks and feels a bit like polystyrene.

Wildlife Visitors – July 2017

The cold continues so there are not many interesting critters showing up.

Click on an image to see a larger version in a slideshow.




Creepy, Crawly, Slimy and Scary