Weekly Photo Challenge: Best Intentions



In the spirit of the “Weekly Photo Challenge”, I aim to take a photo when I see the new topic and accompanying suggestions. Because I live in the Southern hemisphere sometimes this isn’t possible eg Spring, Snow or Squirrel wouldn’t work for me but where I can, rather than lift my best archived photo I try to look at the topic through fresh eyes. Because the natural environment particularly interests me I look there first. Sometimes I’m disappointed with what I have to show but I figure that’s just part of accepting a challenge and hope I can do better next time.

Wildlife Visitors – May 2017

We’ve had our own house visitors this month and I haven’t been out and about very often so this isn’t a true indication of the wildlife about.


A Brushtail Possum enjoying blossom in a Loquat Tree.


Creepy, Crawly, Slimy and Scary