Weekly Photo Challenge: Best Intentions



In the spirit of the “Weekly Photo Challenge”, I aim to take a photo when I see the new topic and accompanying suggestions. Because I live in the Southern hemisphere sometimes this isn’t possible eg Spring, Snow or Squirrel wouldn’t work for me but where I can, rather than lift my best archived photo I try to look at the topic through fresh eyes. Because the natural environment particularly interests me I look there first. Sometimes I’m disappointed with what I have to show but I figure that’s just part of accepting a challenge and hope I can do better next time.

Wildlife Visitors -June 2017

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Creepy, crawly, slimy and scary

It’s winter here in South Australia and cold so there aren’t many insects about, few insects means few of their predators. There are some lizards I know I can find because I’ve discovered their refuges. When the sun warms the ground there are hundreds of little Skinks around here but I don’t know where they go when it’s cold.