I’ve recently discovered the fun of Geocaching, a great activity for people worldwide, a catalyst to get out walking, appreciating the environment as well as the imagination of fellow cachers. I thought this would be a good place to show some of the clever caches.

These nanos take some finding!
Very sneaky when it’s properly placed.
The tiny cache was hidden under the snake’s head.

The cache was hidden in a drill hole in a post with only the screw showing.

A tiny magnetic cache.

Another small cache hidden inside a plastic grasshopper.

Cleverly hidden in Bamboo.

A piece of slate covers the cache lid. The cache was then embedded in a pipe in the ground.

A rock was attached to the cache lid and the cache was then inserted into a hole in a tree.

A lizard head ready to poke out of a hole.

A well crafted Mailbox.