Buzz Off

I was searching for a geocache near the base of a big old Gum Tree. Sulphur Crested Cockatoos were screeching loudly and although most of the complaining was directed at me there was also a bee hive in the tree and one bee was being particularly annoying. In the photo you can just see the tiny bee which was causing all the aggro.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

I decided to look up “Refraction” and ignoring all the super scientific explanations I plumped for, “Visual Distortion”. Having decided on that I went to look for one of those funny mirrors at “The Beach Hut”, Glenelg where they have all kinds of amusements but unfortunately no Funny Mirrors.¬†Walking back to my car I came across a similar effect, not as freaky but definitely a visual distortion.


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