Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The dialogue:

Mum, will I really be just like you one day?

Not quite, son.

Why not?

Well son, you put down your roots where they just weren’t wanted and now you have to live with the consequences. Don’t fret about it though you’re gorgeous just the way you are and you’re not alone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


My father-in-law used to be a Harris Tweed weaver and it was common for the “wastage” to be made into blankets for the weaver’s home. We were given one of these blankets but after moths discovered it the blanket began to fray in patches all over. It’s now useless but I can’t throw it out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

I took my cue from Natalia and this week have posted several different textures all found around home this afternoon.

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