Twosome No.2

A couple of weeks ago I came across 2 Huntsman spiders cuddled up together on our water tank, today there was another couple in the Wheelie Bin. The Wheelie Bin is about 100m from the tank so I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same spiders. Again, I think one was missing at least one leg but it’s a bit difficult to tell since they were in such a cosy cuddle. I still don’t know what was going on but even when I moved the bin and checked to see if they had dispersed they were in a different spot but still together.


Garden Insects

After my luck finding Blue Banded Bees I was keen to try for more photos. I’m astonished at the energy the BB Bees use just zooming around, other bees seem to just cruise from one flower to another, taking their time to check out and sample the nectar supply. The BB Bees never seem to stop in one flower long enough to sample anything, they are supposed to be attracted to blue flowers. The only plants in my garden with blue flowers just now are Salvias and the particular variety doesn’t have nice open blooms easily accessible to bees so I decided to try and trick them. I bought some artificial blue flowers and sprayed them with sugar water. It didn’t work, the only things attracted were Paper Wasps! During the day I did get a couple of reasonable photos though.

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Blue Banded Bees

I was thrilled to discover these native bees zooming around some of my flowers yesterday. They are smaller than the European Honey Bee and zip about all over the place though they do sometimes stop and just hover before darting off again. Unlike the bigger bees which don’t seem to be too perturbed if another of their kind comes along these try to chase away the competitor.

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Wasp Trap Visitors

We’ve had a resurgence in European Wasps around home so I bought some traps, it’s not only wasps that come to the trap flies have also decided it’s a lovely place to visit. I noticed one fly seemed to be always sitting near the top so went to investigate. I watched and when another fly came near the big one would chase it away. I decided it might not be a big bully chasing away any other fly coming to sample the wares it might actually be a protector of the genus keeping the others away from danger!

You can see the captions if you hover the cursor over an image. Is my imagination in overdrive?



There was another visitor that gave me a laugh, a tiny spider that ran from place to place trying to catch one of the flies caught inside the trap. (Obviously caught when the big fly was off duty.)

Le me have you, juicy fly.
Stop buzzing will you?
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