Koalas are Kool

This morning I could hear lorikeets screeching.  Not much new in that, they seem to screech more often than just converset but I went out to see if there was anything upsetting them. In the past they’ve alerted me to foxes, Tawny Frogmouths and owls. The reason for their ire this morning was a koala doing nothing but resting in a tree they obviously considered part of their patch. For probably the best part of an hour they kept up the racket, swooping down, jumping about on branches and generally making it clear to “the intruder” that it should just move along. Not the koala. It woke up, gazed around looking completely bored then lowered its head and went back to sleep. Eventually the lorikeets decided it was a battle they weren’t going to win and they left.


I think koalas are the epitome of “laid back”.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

I think the Coal Fire might have been used by railway fettlers possibly to heat soldering irons or maybe for lighting the fires in steam trains. The Strainer Post is a real relic, the wires are tightened by turning the big cogs.

Around Tatachilla

Another fun day out and a special cache for us today.

Clicking on an image brings up a slideshow where you can see the images more clearly.

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