This week’s topic for the Photo Challenge is, Abstract. I had a bit of fun with this one first taking my “abstract” photos then using them to create another image.



For my contribution this week to the Emotography Showcase  I’ve decided to go with this photo taken yesterday. I went to see the work being done at the Hahndorf Sculpture Symposium and loved the way Yoshin Ogata was gently feeling the surface of his work. I’m sure he was satisfied with what he’d achieved in just a few weeks.


Determined, Dismayed, Defiant, Dogmatic and Disappointed

My submission this week for the Emotography Showcase.


Houses all along this 6 lane road have been purchased so the road can be widened even further. The bulldozers have flattened the other houses, businesses etc all along the road but the owners of this one are holding out. I can’t imagine how they are managing with the constant noise, day and night. It’s inevitable they will eventually have to move.

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