Dehydrating Dragonfly?

It’s been so hot here that even this poor Dragonfly could only just hang on to its perch. After some gentle misting it looked better and eventually disappeared.

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Hot Possums

South Australia is enduring another heat wave, it was 40 deg. this morning and these possums aren’t happy. I’ve misted them with the hose in the hope they’ll survive but one died a couple of weeks ago even though I’d sprayed it until it moved out of range.


Fergus – 13 weeks

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Before we went to Puppy School today I was comfortable knowing that no-one ever failed because Fergus is usually too excited to concentrate but he surprised me by showing he could sit, drop, stay, come and run through a tunnel, no bother!  I didn’t bother to demonstrate he knows what “do a pee” means. 🙂

Fergus’s Day, there were…………..

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Today a new Westie came into our lives, Fergus. He’s 8 weeks old and super cute.

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