Wildlife Wednesdays -8

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Wildlife Wednesdays 7

I haven’t had much luck this week capturing photos of what’s been around so I decided to give this week a miss. Until early this evening.

When my husband went up the driveway to our rubbish bins he spotted a little possum lying at the foot of a tree with two Tawny Frogmouths up above, no other possum in sight.

It was rescue time.

Star of the Week, Ringtail Possum

This is the first Ringtail we’ve seen with such dark colouring, its back looked black and it actually had a tawny red tail. The only ones we’ve seen before had white at the end of the tail but the Vet said these are fairly common.

When I left her at the Surgery she was snuggled down inside an employee’s jumper.

Wildlife Wednesdays 6

We heard a Koala calling last night but couldn’t see one anywhere this morning then late this afternoon I spotted one and it posed for me.

Sitting here writing this post I heard Rosellas squabbling so had to investigate.

Wildlife Wednesday – 5

Creatures that I’ve been able to photograph this week. So many little birds tease me and flit away before I can get a decent photo.

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Wildlife Wednesday 2

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Fergus’ Birthday



How long do you expect me to wait?

So what are his features now that “so ad-or-able” doesn’t seem apt?

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He has:


and everyone agrees, a real character!