Weekly Photo Challenge: Up


How did that get up there? Can’t help but wonder about the actual building of this. The “ship” overhangs the building, how amazing did it look with all the equipment putting everything in place? There are even palms growing up there.Casino2

Melrose Park

These sculptures are in a Shopping Complex at Melrose Park, South Australia. I think the area used to be the Carpark for Hills Industries who made the ubiquitous Australian, Hills Hoist, rotating washing line. Maybe the sculptures are made from left over bits!

To see larger versions click on an image.


Newcastle Waters

This statue celebrates the contribution made by Drovers in the harsh Outback areas of Australia. It’s sited at a place called Newcastle Waters, north of Elliot in the Northern Territory. There are a few old town buildings which can can be explored and a school still operates on what is actually a 10,353 sq km cattle station.

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