Social Isolation Side Effects 2

I usually go alone with the dog to walk in Shepherds’ Hill Recreation Park when The Golfer is off doing his thing but this morning he joined me. We started off on a familiar track but then decided to investigate an area some people had obviously walked before. It was beautiful in there.

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We have lived in this area for 35 years and have never walked along this section, see what social distancing is doing to us?

We could see the Adelaide CBD through the gully.

Now that people are being advised to limit their contact with others it seems to me more people are actually seeking to make contact. It’s only the odd person who doesn’t  acknowledge a fellow walker. Last week as I was walking down one of the shared cyclist/walkers tracks a total stranger came off the main Fire Track and walked through the scrubby grass etc to ask me if I was self isolating. He didn’t look like someone who regularly walked and social distancing seemed difficult for him, maybe the new regulations are opening up a whole new world.

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