Superb Fairy Wrens

I don’t think I saw any Fairy Wrens last year at all, they didn’t even come when the “Stinky Bush” was flowering and they seem to love that. Today they reappeared and although the Red Wattlebirds chase them off as soon as they’re aware of them I did manage to get a couple of shots.

Female Wren
Male Wren

Below is a flower of the stinky bush, I have no idea what it is but it’s certainly tough.


Wanderer Butterfly – Life Cycle 3

At last some caterpillars seem to be surviving. Today I found two outside on one bush, obviously they hatched on different days.

1 cm caterpillar
2.5 cm caterpillar

Wanderer Butterfly Life-cycle

I’ve had to start again, unfortunately ants disposed of the first lot of eggs despite my attempts to thwart them with grease on the Swan Bush stems. I didn’t want to use Ant Dust but that’s what stopped them in their tracks.

Not sure when these were laid but I spotted them on Dec 6th.
Empty egg cases – Dec. 7th
Tiny caterpillar Dec. 7th
Length of the caterpillar in millimeters. It’s already munching on the leaf.

Life Cycle 2


This is a Wanderer Butterfly egg about  a week after it was laid. I’ve done some Googling and the information I found said the eggs hatch in 3 – 5 days. There are no signs of any caterpillars on the bush but there have been small ants. I’m not sure if the ants would eat the eggs but I’ve put some Vaseline around the base to discourage them.

I’ve marked the leaf this egg is on so I can check it over the next week.

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