This time of year in South Australia is supposed to be lovely summer but it’s been HOT for months and I’ve been longing for some relief. Yesterday we had an amazing tropical type storm bringing lovely, lovely rain and today some plants are upright again. I’m optimistic they will survive another summer.


Trusted and secure.

I thought I’d have a go at this, “Emotography Participation Event 1/2016”, depicting an emotion in a photo.

Being able to take this photo made me feel trusted. Even though I could have reached out and touched them the wild Tawny Frogmouths felt secure enough to just sit there, the parent bird didn’t even bother to keep watching me. I’m sure the young bird also feels secure snuggled up next to its parent.

It's all about feeling trusted.
It’s all about feeling trusted.


It’s another hot day so I was out watering the garden this morning when I noticed little clumps of possum fur lodged in a shrub. Maybe there was an altercation last night in the Eucalypts above and this fur floated down, weightless until a single strand snagged on the bush.


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