My Top 10, 2017

There are so many wonderful sculptures on display this year at the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures. I’ve chosen the ten that appeal to me most, some because they’re fun, others beautiful but so many just blow me away with the skill of the artists.


For my contribution this week to the Emotography Showcase  I’ve decided to go with this photo taken yesterday. I went to see the work being done at the Hahndorf Sculpture Symposium and loved the way Yoshin Ogata was gently feeling the surface of his work. I’m sure he was satisfied with what he’d achieved in just a few weeks.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

Fountain of Tears by Silvio Apponyi
Fountain of Tears by Silvio Apponyi

A seat is provided here just for reflection. The fountain is a memorial to the “Stolen Generation“. At the top is a carrying dish called a Coolamon and it represents all the babies and children taken from their parents on the presumption they would have a “better life” in white man’s culture. The faces represent all the family members mourning the loss of their children and the flowing water represents the tears which flowed from everyone affected.

It is a very special place to sit and reflect. You can find more information here: