Bee on Polyanthus flower.
Bee on Polyanthus flower.

I like the way this seems to be in three distinct parts marked diagonally by colour change even if they’re not actually thirds. The task was to keep in mind the “rule of thirds“, a good guide to an effective photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance


I think this old Gum Tree shows all the signs of great endurance. Near the base you can see where one of the aboriginal Kuarna people have cut out wood to make a coolamon, a shallow dish for carrying anything from food to a little baby.  Kuarna people lived in this area before the arrival of Europeans in 1836. The tree must have been quite substantial even then. Sections of trunk and also branches have been broken off maybe during storms or times of drought. A tree without endurance simply wouldn’t have survived to this old age.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


My father-in-law used to be a Harris Tweed weaver and it was common for the “wastage” to be made into blankets for the weaver’s home. We were given one of these blankets but after moths discovered it the blanket began to fray in patches all over. It’s now useless but I can’t throw it out.