About The Blog

Hopefully the Blog will show some of the many photos I feel compelled to take.

16 thoughts on “About The Blog”

  1. I have many things I like to do, but I need inspiration. I like the idea of the weekly photo challenge for me to have a reason to take a photo. Of course, like you, the best reason is because I see something I feel I just have to have a photo. Otherwise I will forget.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. The rose is entirely natural, it’s called, “Chameleon” and it starts off like that then changes to an orange before finishing its days a dark pink/red colour. A little beauty.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Some people don’t understand the need to take photos but for me it’s a matter of catching a moment I don’t want to forget, not the real thing but good enough to bring back the experience.

  3. Try to take as many photos as possible & build up a library of pics over time. I never take a pic for the weekly challenge. Always just go to my photo stash. Thanks for the like today. Cheers. MB

    1. I have almost an entire hard drive full of photos but when I read about the challenge it said the aim was to take a photo to fit the theme so that’s what I try to do. Thanks for commenting.

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