Offline Photo Editing App

Another day has passed and I still haven’t managed to get a photo editing app loaded. I need something I can use offline and I need to resize photos. I thought I’d found what I needed with Cymera but it loaded sideways and I couldn’t reorient it. It looked as though it was intended for a phone rather than a Tablet but I’m so new to this I could have missed some very simple step. I have a keyboard cover for my Tablet so I can’t just turn that sideways.

One thing I’ve noticed with Tablet apps, you have to agree to all sorts of info being accessible to the suppliers something I don’t usually allow¬†but it seems that I won’t have any apps if I don’t.

I’ve decided on PhotoEditor but there are so many with the same name I don’t know how to make clear which one it is. It’s fine for my purposes ….. I think.