Still Tormented

My toys have been abandoned for several days but over the last couple I’ve been clearing off my laptop prior to donating it. Now that everything has gone from it I have to use the Tablet or the PC so I’m back trying to find my way around the Tablet. Inevitably that means a trip to the PC to download information and watch videos.

I bought a storedrive and put some family photos on that I wanted to use with my contacts, later I’ll have it as an extra place for photos if I fill the SD card. I couldn’t get the photos off the USB storedrive, I could see them there but I couldn’t get them into my contacts and I wanted them neatly in a folder anyway. It’s taken all day but I’ve finally managed  it by trial and error. There is a whole lot of information online about transferring to a Storedrive and to a PC but not what I wanted.

This is what I finally did. (I had a folder already in place on my SD card, unfortunately named “Photos Trial” and since it worked I haven’t been able to remove”trial” so I guess it is still a bit of a trial! Inside “Photo Trial” I have a subfolder “Family”.

I started at the Toolbox (the little round button on the screen with 3 vertical dots inside it), I have the My Files folder as 1 of the 5 apps or features in the Toolbox. You can set that up by going to the Settings, Device, Toolbox. There is an excellent YouTube video demonstrating that as 1 of 40 Tips and Tricks.

My Files







send to


Send to



SD Card

Photos Trial


Move here