Technology Torments!

The last time we travelled I carried a laptop so I could update my blog and download photos from my camera. Although it wasn’t a big laptop the weight and size made it a pain so I’ve made the move to a Galaxy Tab S 10.5, it’s much lighter even with a keyboard and case. I’ve also had to buy a new camera because the other one simply refuses to open and nothing I did would fix it. I should be excitedly playing with my new toys but I’m not.

When we travel we frequently  have no access to a WiFi network so I need to be able to download my photos another way. For days I’ve been trying to connect my Panasonic Lumix TZ60 without any satisfaction. I thought I could use Bluetooth but it seems the camera doesn’t have that, I haven’t been able to connect the 2 devices by WiFi Direct even though it says it can be done without a WiFi network.

I’ve tried connecting using a USB cable, that’s easy when connecting to my PC but I haven’t managed it yet with the tablet. I’ve been asked for codes I don’t understand and typed in a password using a screen devised by someone who never, ever intended using it. Still it doesn’t work so instead of smashing things I’m taking ANOTHER break.

I‘m sure if you’re reading this you’re wondering why I don’t just go to the shop where I bought them and ask for help. I bought it online! I did go to a local shop all set to buy but they had none in stock (camera or Tablet) and couldn’t tell me exactly when they’d be in. They wouldn’t be getting the colours I wanted so after some thought I ordered the colours I wanted online last Monday and they were delivered on Friday. When I went into the shop on Friday for an SD card the items still hadn’t come in and they had no definite date.

Sorry I couldn't find a link to the artist.
Sorry I couldn’t find a link to the artist.

If anyone out there in cyberspace has actually managed to do it and can give me some help I’d be very happy.