Monday Macros 1

The Corona virus is keeping us at home so I’ve decided to have some fun posting photos. These macros were taken around the yard today.

Click on an image to see larger photos in a slideshow.

Bird of Paradise flower

About five years ago I bought five plants expecting them to thrive since they seem to survive in the most neglected gardens. They haven’t grown well, I think at least one is not much bigger than when I planted it but at last there is a flower on one and another flower spike forming. I presume this one isn’t fully opened yet.

Also flowering at the moment is a self seeded Sunflower. I thought they all had black centres but apparently not.

Another flowering at the moment is a lovely little Bottlebrush, I find the buds fascinating.


September 2018

According to the record keepers this Australian winter has been much drier than usual and there are certainly drought conditions in the eastern states. I wanted to make a comparison between the flowers this year and previous ones but I hadn’t posted any for September so this is going to be my starting point.

This month I’m only recording plants which haven’t had any supplemental watering  since June.

By far the most successful plants at our place are Grevilleas so they get a gallery all to themselves. This year the shrubs are completely covered in flowers, the best they’ve ever been.

Some of the plants in the next gallery will get supplementary water as the weather heats up.

Now for what I consider weeds ie plants growing enthusiastically where I don’t want them!

What’s Flowering? – February 2018

This month has been a tough one for me and for the garden, some days were too hot for me to get out and water. The massive Gums send roots out everywhere to poach every little drop they can so many plants are sunburnt, some have shrivelled sections and some have died. I was surprised by how many flowers still managed to show their faces.