Mini Me

A smaller rock beside a cluster of big rocks so I thought, “Ah, Mini Me”, then I found a smaller rock underneath, “Ah, Mini Me” I thought again, then I found a small Bison Tube under that and this time I knew I’d found “Mini Me”!

Not So Cool Cacher

Having recently made the mistake of submitting an “excellent site” for my first cache which turned out to be too close to another one I made sure to have all close caches entered into my GPS before I set out today to find a site for my second cache. I walked and walked keeping an eye on other cache locations in the area. I thought I’d found a few good places but I rejected them all as either being too nasty with the Kangaroo Thorn bushes surrounding them, access was too steep, too visible to marauding bike riders, too much snake-hiding grass etc then I found what I thought was just the spot. I scrambled and sweated to fix the cache into position stood back and admired my handiwork then took photos.

Finally, an excellent hidey place.
Finally, an excellent hidey place.


THEN!!!!!!! I decided to check the location of my first cache which wasn’t entered as a cache, just the waypoints I’d used because that’s all I needed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in all my walking I’d actually managed to come back to a point only 75m from my own cache. No way could the second one stay. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a cacher.