This week’s theme was a tough one for me so first I  looked up some definitions. A muse inspires creativity. I don’t usually feel creative when I take photos instead I’m always trying to capture the essence of someone else’s creativity, something that has so impressed me I want to be able to keep it and look at it again and again. One trigger that will always get me out of my chair and grabbing my camera is a bird song but since this is a photography task I’ll just post some photos instead.

Twosome No.3

Today I came across another couple of Hunstman Spiders in a cuddle, this time in my garden shed. Until this year I’ve never seen them like this however it is apparently part of their mating ritual.

“In the genus Isopoda, the male and female Huntsman spiders have a lengthy courtship, which involves mutual caresses” – See more at:

I’m NOT looking forward to millions of baby spiders around our place!


Twosome No.2

A couple of weeks ago I came across 2 Huntsman spiders cuddled up together on our water tank, today there was another couple in the Wheelie Bin. The Wheelie Bin is about 100m from the tank so I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same spiders. Again, I think one was missing at least one leg but it’s a bit difficult to tell since they were in such a cosy cuddle. I still don’t know what was going on but even when I moved the bin and checked to see if they had dispersed they were in a different spot but still together.


Blue Banded Bees

I was thrilled to discover these native bees zooming around some of my flowers yesterday. They are smaller than the European Honey Bee and zip about all over the place though they do sometimes stop and just hover before darting off again. Unlike the bigger bees which don’t seem to be too perturbed if another of their kind comes along these try to chase away the competitor.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

To me a Swan epitomises serenity.



When I saw this week’s topic I soon realized I needed a photo of a Swan so I went to a Wetlands I visited over a year ago. At the time there was a Swan sitting on eggs so I expected to see some young ones but despite walking all around the lake I had no luck. I hope the breeding wasn’t unsuccessful because of the Swan’s diet. When I was there today three different groups of people brought complete loaves of white bread to feed the birds. I love to see people out enjoying our environment and appreciating the wildlife but wish they understood the implications of filling animals up on food that has no nutritional value.

Maybe the other Swans have gone to a healthier place.


Koalas are Kool

This morning I could hear lorikeets screeching.  Not much new in that, they seem to screech more often than just converset but I went out to see if there was anything upsetting them. In the past they’ve alerted me to foxes, Tawny Frogmouths and owls. The reason for their ire this morning was a koala doing nothing but resting in a tree they obviously considered part of their patch. For probably the best part of an hour they kept up the racket, swooping down, jumping about on branches and generally making it clear to “the intruder” that it should just move along. Not the koala. It woke up, gazed around looking completely bored then lowered its head and went back to sleep. Eventually the lorikeets decided it was a battle they weren’t going to win and they left.


I think koalas are the epitome of “laid back”.