Wildlife Wednesday 2

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Wildlife Wednesday 1

I’m very lucky to live somewhere that allows me to walk about freely enjoying nature. This is what I saw today out in our yard, with one exception -I had to walk to the local Recreation Park to see that one.

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Baby Possum

On 10th March I found a tiny baby possum on the ground, it made me feel sick seeing the little creature blindly scrabbling in the dirt. It didn’t look developed enough to be out of the pouch.  I couldn’t see a mother nearby but eventually did spot an adult on a branch further away. I knew the chances of survival were very small because I’d spoken to a Fauna Rescuer only days before about another, bigger baby. Eventually I decided to put the tiny one in the fork of a tree closer to the adult possum.

Tiny baby Ringtail Possum


I watched from a distance for a while but the adult made no move to come down to the baby. A while later I saw the adult climbing up in the tree canopy. I couldn’t bring myself to go and check on the baby at that time.

Last night, on the same branch that I’d seen the adult possum before, there was a mother Ringtail with two babies on her back. It thrilled me.

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Dehydrating Dragonfly?

It’s been so hot here that even this poor Dragonfly could only just hang on to its perch. After some gentle misting it looked better and eventually disappeared.

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Superb Fairy Wrens

I don’t think I saw any Fairy Wrens last year at all, they didn’t even come when the “Stinky Bush” was flowering and they seem to love that. Today they reappeared and although the Red Wattlebirds chase them off as soon as they’re aware of them I did manage to get a couple of shots.

Female Wren
Male Wren

Below is a flower of the stinky bush, I have no idea what it is but it’s certainly tough.