WPC: Favourite Place

This is my favourite place today

Our road was being resprayed today so we had to be out or in all day. We chose out and went to Laratinga Wetlands at Mt Barker.

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Wildlife Visitors: October

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Although it might seem from my posts that a Koala is always here that’s not so. I have no idea how extensive their range is, I’m sure that depends on the density of the Eucalypts they eat but they usually reappear here every few weeks.



Creepy, Crawly, Slippery, Slimy and Scary

Wildlife Visitors – September 2017

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Creepy, Crawly, Slimy and Scary


WPC: Ooh! Shiny

This week’s topic reminded me immediately of the cat in, “Red Dwarf” as he leapt in delight from one thing to another shrieking, “Oooh shiny thing, shiny thing.”

Nature provides so many, “Ooh shiny thing” moments for me but I’ve chosen a bird because they are what distract me most often.

… but it could have been Ewww shiny thing, slugs distract me too.



City Dweller

I was cutting out some Ivy today at an Adelaide city townhouse less than 100 metres from what will be a racetrack on the weekend. I was startled when something flew out of the Ivy and past my face but I’ve a feeling that will be minor compared with the Owl’s experience when the Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars start roaring along East Terrace in 4 days time.