J is for Jug


In 1978 when we were leaving the UK a family member said my little children could take a cow jug they owned but we had so much stuff and I thought it would only get broken on the way so I said we couldn’t take it. Over the years my children castigated me for not letting them bring it until as adults they wrought their revenge by plying me with black and white cow things. So began the “Cow War” which continued with different cow paraphenalia being “gifted” between us until we finally called a truce. This jug was part of the family “cow war”.

F is for Fridge Magnets


When I was living in Scotland in the 1970s there were some great ads on TV for Tetley’s Tea and these fridge magnets are of the Tetley Tea Folk. They all had Yorkshire accents and each demonstrated their individual characteristics. Forty years later my husband and I still sometimes quote from one of the ads so I guess they must qualify as memorable even if it’s not the tea I buy.