Shepparton Cows

Isn’t it great when communities add fun to their environments? Shepparton in Victoria, Australia has done a great job and so have the artists who created the works. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image and start the Slideshow.


8 thoughts on “Shepparton Cows”

  1. It was wonderful to see these. Almost 20 years ago Chicago, Illinoise, USA, also hosted a herd of cows. People came to the city in droves to see all the cows. It was marvelous. It looks like your artists had fun too.

    1. I don’t know why Shepparton decided to have the cows about the town but I guess I could do a bit of research. Recently we passed through a town called, “Kaniva” in Victoria and they now have some decorated sheep about the town. The sheep weren’t painted by well known artists but by townspeople, I think. I posted a couple of photos of those on another blog, That’s a travel blog and the photos were on the last day of our trip to Tasmania. Thanks for taking the time to leave comments.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It gives me a buzz when things appear in our environment just for fun and I think the Shepparton Cows are like that….. and they’re gorgeous.

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