WPC: Peek

Take a peek.

He’s peeking at me peeking at him!


Wildlife Visitors: October

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Although it might seem from my posts that a Koala is always here that’s not so. I have no idea how extensive their range is, I’m sure that depends on the density of the Eucalypts they eat but they usually reappear here every few weeks.



Creepy, Crawly, Slippery, Slimy and Scary

Life on a Leaf

The area around our house just now looks as though miniature white confetti  has been tossed from the sky but it’s not confetti, it’s thousands of Lerps. I thought Lerps were little bugs that tasted sweet but they’re actually just the protective covers created by tiny insects called, “Psyllids”. Birds are having a feast in the trees but I’m not sure if it’s the Lerps or the Psyllids which are the treat..

I decided to investigate some leaves and was absolutely astonished when I saw my photos on the computer screen. Not even a magnifying glass had enabled me to see all the little creatures.

I am not an entomologist and would be delighted if someone could help me out with some insect IDs.

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So much life on a leaf.

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