WPC: The Road Taken


The Gibb River Road is a 660 km track from Kununurra, near Western Australia’s eastern border with the Northern Territory, to Derby on the west coast. Anyone wanting to be considered a real outback traveller must have “done the Gibb”. After about 100 kms of bone shattering corrugations I decided I couldn’t face another 500kms, I was on holiday and thought that I was supposed to be enjoying myself so for me “the Gibb” is a road taken for just a while!


Author: macmsue

I’m a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, auntie and friend. I prefer to be outside and am interested in photography, nature and different cultures. I believe everything on this earth has a right to be here but some things and some people would be happiest if their space was far away from mine. (Flies and biting bugs take note!) I don’t like housework and think dust is Nature’s way of saying, “This is my space, I was here first.”

9 thoughts on “WPC: The Road Taken”

  1. The corrugations are a small price to pay for the wondrous findings along the Gibb, gorges, waterfalls, ancient rock art, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world

    1. We will go back again but we’ll check out the state of the road beforehand. It varies a lot depending on the number of vehicles that have been trough since the last grading etc. We’ll probably also have another vehicle by then and no time limit.

    1. That’s what I think, enjoyable not just something you do to impress others. I was always amazed by people who would say, “Oh, we’ve done Spain” or “We’ve done Ireland” when really they’d just been on an ego trip.

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