Our Loquat Tree had a wonderful crop of fruit this year so to ensure we actually managed to get some I put nets over the most accessible ones. I did eat some and they were delicious but victory went to the Rainbow Lorikeets, they’ve managed to eat every single one encased in a net!

Unfortunately I haven’t cleaned the bedroom windows recently so the photo taken through them isn’t as clear as I’d like. 😦



Author: macmsue

I’m a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, auntie and friend. I prefer to be outside and am interested in photography, nature and different cultures. I believe everything on this earth has a right to be here but some things and some people would be happiest if their space was far away from mine. (Flies and biting bugs take note!) I don’t like housework and think dust is Nature’s way of saying, “This is my space, I was here first.”

4 thoughts on “Victory”

    1. I’m sure if you have a net over the entire tree you’ll get the fruit that’s away from the edges …. as long as the little devils don’t sneak up under it!

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